Dear Angel,

When I woke up this morning and saw a truck on the road, I thought of your far away city over the mountains that stretch across the horizon. The blue truck's axle; overloaded and stretched with relatives and possessions was headed your way and I'm headed there too.

No job, no money and no hope of either, the bottom has fallen out of our worlds. We are beat and forgotten, condemned to roam. There is no adventure or romance in these words, just the need to eat. I know you know what I mean.

We've found no escape from its hunger on this highway of progress that runs through our land and yours, nor in the fields that lie barren to its sides. All we've found is shelter for a while in factories and sites before we have to pack up and move on.

In this life the only thing we have is this moment where I stood this morning and where I sit now writing these words, hoping in vain for someone to give me a ride while the mountains wait for it to all wash away. There is no joy, nor sorrow here, just this road that runs from there to here and on back to there.

I have to go now and raise my thumb again. I would write more but it's getting real cold.

Take care
my fellow nowhere bound angel,
I'll see you at the end of the road.

J. H. Martin
Tongzi, Sichuan, China




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