Dear Los Angeles

by Kevin Awakuni

Dear Los Angeles,

I know that it's been ages since we've spoke (the last time I saw you, you called me a name that rhymes with "oar." You said I was cheating on you and I said that you were being silly. Then I went to the store to buy some smokes and never came back). Well I'm back now La La, and I'd like to start over if it's possible. I know that I wasn't always the best boyfriend, but we had some good times didn't we? Remember that time we went to the beach, the mountains, and then back to the beach? That was fun right?!

Oh sure, I was seeing Brooklyn for a little while, but we both knew that it wasn't going to work out, she could be really uptight and was always so worried about her looks. I would tell her, "you look fine" but she would insist on trying on three dresses before going anywhere, even just to the grocery store! Alabama was nice, and a great cook, but seriously, how much bbq can a guy eat? And she had some weird opinions about, um... certain people, if you know what I mean. Paris was shallow as all hell, although her ability to walk in high heels bordered on the supernatural. For awhile I thought me and Boston were gonna get married, but it turns out that she's still not over her last boyfriend, some dude named Red Sox. Stupid right?!

But you don't need to hear all that nonsense La La. I'm here to talk about us. I've missed your round beautiful oranges, and your smooth, sandy beach. Your year-round sunny disposition was always a delight, and sure you might rain on me every now and then but that was okay too. I loved how we used to make movies together (including some of the more, ahem... adult oriented ones) And you played all kinds of great music, everything from rock to electronica. I loved your fusion cooking (Chinese AND Italian? Only you could think of that La La!) and you were even into all kinds of different sports (remember how happy we were when the Lakers won their 17th championship!) I miss you La La and want to get back together.

I've sworn off all other women. Cheyenne won't be calling us at weird hours anymore and I'm finished with Orlando (she was a little too old for me anyways). I'm done with Madison, Helena and Savannah. I'm through with them all. You're the only one I want La La. Facebook me.

Sincerely Yours,





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