Please Rinse Before Kissing

by Mel Bosworth


Burning picnic ponies. A man getting smashed in the testicles by a man with one testicle. A door. An ostrich carpet. Wipe your boots. This colored chalk. Exploding music windows. A haircut. A sky. A taxi. This building. These lamps. Come closer. Good. Remove your legs. Reverse your posture. A stripper's daughter. Have you found it yet? Were you looking? Are you red? Another haircut. A dinner. A meat sauce. A violation. A napkin. Thank you, Los Angeles. Spank Jew so much.



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Updates ::

The Light Society ~ A New Invention

We are shooting our first video for Future Eyes ~ Torie Zalben and Art Center

We are working on a cover for Letters to Angel City ~ Katie Adelsberger.

Visual artist Randall Bass is contributing some of his structural light experiments for The Light Society!