The Light Society

"Let anyone who chooses drive the chariot of light."




"You might be wondering why you are here," said the man in black toward the group sitting in front of him. "You are here so that you may see the great infallibility. You are here so that you may know the rapture of now."

The group of seven sat in front of the man in black, in the main hall, watching him closely in his black robe, listening to his words as he spoke. "Each one of you has been given a color. I will refer to you by the name of the color you wear." The man in black caught eyes with the man wearing red and said, "Red, are you brilliant?"

The man wearing all red stood and said, "I have not felt myself to be always brilliant."

"Thank you. That is true," said the man in black. "To be true is to be glorious. There is no such lesser lord. You must remember that the entire night sky is as brilliant as the glowing sun, and its vibrant hypnotism. You are here for vibrant hypnosis. You are the future kings and queens of our family of light. I have placed you in charge of our destiny. Young woman in violet," he said turning to her, "would you tell us what you believe to be true in this world?"

The woman in violet stood from her place on the floor. "I've seen men and women dancing naked till very late, their tongues clawing the silent seas. I have taken my teeth on to the evening's breeze, alone in the tireless farewell sweep, and there, in the deep I have found the world to be a great mystery," said the woman in violet.

"Thank you Violet, that is right," said Black. "This house is a palace and we are to each other obedient, because only then will we have all we desire. I offer you the colors of absolute power. With absolute power comes absolute splendor."

The man wearing all green said, "Thank you Black, I have seen the making of dreams."

The woman in orange said, "I have seen the noble beast who rides the dew to the sun at dawn chasing the mother of nightfall, whose laughter echoes hereafter, past mirth into delirium dividing the sky."

"I know the great demon, the dreamer of death. Yes, it pleases me to hear," said Black. "Now, my home is your home, beneath the featureless sky. Here absolute power is to be able to remember everything with ease, to recall the oily mornings of heaviest gloom with the lusty stillness of nature and to hear and speak of death and terror and other worlds. We must be the historians of the ages to come. We must be able to swallow the white queen and, through vehement love, resolve to perish with her, the subtlest beast of all. She who with her pleasurable hinges swings heaven's lathe over the ubiquitous forest. We must delight to light the lamp of night. Young woman in yellow," he said looking at her, "you may have been a whore before, an excellent whore no less, galloping beyond the threshold of decency, threading out the night, swimming in the milky gentleness."

"Like rain on a wound," she said, "stretched long against the sky, I've drowned in the sea, and been crushed under the hoof of a monstrous horse, a pitch black mare, the evening's beast and there down in the fields I could see the demon coming, the great sculptor, where all the trees bend toward the sky."

"The reaper on the heels leads the sleepless to fields, where the oil soaked lecherous wolves wildly moan in the raging gale. As you spoke I imagined you curved against a doorway, your inside spread to the sun, like ruby tulips, eating a ripe young fruit and drinking the breath of dawn. A slippery whore with unequaled verve, moving in diamonds and ostrich plumes, before a man, in black silk, playing a tune perfectly octagonal. I hear him slippery among the errand girls. That horrible man with so rude a mouth who removed your cloths and turned you over slowly in the light. I see your silver frosted hair. I see you asleep in the vegetable garden, letting your legs alight upon the wet night, above the green meadow, the weather moving pleasantly in streams of sun beams. I see a sleeper upon the boat," said the man in black to the woman in yellow.

"There seemed a fortune for the errant whore with open eyes," said the woman in yellow. "I've taken in my mouth the grooms and stable boys and have tried to husband the sun. Drunk upon the dead sea wood we talked oceans, our lips parted on the sofa."

"What did you see?" asked the man in black.

"Without any very great expectations I let my tongue over the mantle piece and again kissed him. I thought, what is bliss, if not this, a doomed mind asleep on an empty beach," said the woman in yellow.

"And did you feel the bliss amidst the crowd of lights? Were your lips like mountains of doomed ships?" asked the man in black.

A man wearing an indigo robe arose from his seat and said, "My eyes do as one who moves through the soundless shores, amidst the hounds of whores, standing in doorways or gorged upon the grass. In many afternoons I've wandered around and found the canals deep where strange ships sleep."

"You are the young men and women of light with the hounds at your heels. You've done with lips what lovers lips like, in the street, in the sun, in front of everyone," said the man in black. "But you may have lost sight in wild delight. The gathering gloom has curled about the room. To elevate this darkness, I bring you a gift. I've traveled upstairs and received a red forehead from the kiss of the white queen, puffing her sails in the cape of storms, atop the dark broad sea, underneath the twin suns. In her cottage in the jungle, I've seen her great fan of iridescent eyes, that draw you in with their cries."



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