The Light Society

"Let anyone who chooses drive the chariot of light."




"What is the gift?" said the man in red.

"I will teach you to think of the passing, not the past itself," said Black. "For years and years across the desert sand the butcher of often coughed up blood and slipped under the ever ecliptic universe."

"We have all gone to lie with the ghost in the highlands," said Green.

"And we have all gone to swim in the Black Sea beyond the sun," said Violet.

"Yes, Violet. It is all only a matter of distance traveled. However, in your desire to move faster you might find first the great nature of terror."

"Who's behind such terror?" asked the man in indigo.

"Amidst heaps of fruits and heavy robes there stands a gardener among his plants quietly ready to swallow all," said Orange.

The woman in blue stood up and said, "I will lay one day, fireside near the outcast of light, astride near the hip of the earth, a scarecrow amidst a crowd of wings, where, save for the lamp and chair the table is bare."

"Then do you know that black backed song bird near the stone trees, near the honey milk, so stilly lying in her rarest gloom?" said Black. "Blue, show me your wound that makes the great waking tide, into which the three fruit trees often descend, through the streaming masses of black smoke."

"Black, some nights, asleep in my bed I've seen a deep Indian red," said the woman in blue.

"The sun never sets in this room but is wound about the sky. Remove your blue gowned and we shall run naked across the sloping beach, howling across the sloping beach," said Black to Blue.

Blue stood up and began twirling in circles and said, "The black backed songbird hunts in the rainbow forest, the wild sparrow in the lagoon, seeking the mistiest fortune."

The man in the red robe touched his face with his hands, then he got up and began to walk toward the back of the room, toward a large wooden door, his mouth watering with hunger. When he reached the back of the room he turned toward the group and shouted, "Where the monarchy is weak, the chocolate sea company will, by a fortuitous delay, no longer eat meat.

"I wish to share my house with you. I wish to avoid the great corruption. I've traveled to town in lime green fur and stockings and seen the rows upon rows of women without clothes, the foxes on the hills pulling arrows from the earth. So elegant I caught her, where the chorus girls were, crossing the spine of the afternoon," said Black. "Yellow, do you recall a wind swept shore?"

She nodded and said, "I sat and ate with you on the divan, the huge sea wood, with my hair down, wearing pearls."

"I remember there were tomatoes on your apron and suddenly I found my otherwise slumbering horse a single breath from death," said Black.

"It is not impossible to recall a wild mint butternut squash," said Green.

"A blacksmith in the high plains and the remarkable number of people breathing his soot," said Orange.

"A grocery store clerk," said Blue sitting down into her dizzyness.

"The house with the blue kitchen," said Green.

"Whipping and beating the milky clouds," said Blue.

"The night we dined on the sand with the two bearded bathers," said Indigo.

"You were naked under your blue frock, near the haunted rocks," said Violet to Blue.

The man in the red robe went out of a large wooden door in the back of the room, holding his arms. Once outside, he sat down on a bench in the lobby of the house and there he heard in the silence, a flute in the distance, the sound of running water. Violet began to stand and walked away from the group toward the back door. She walked over and sat down with Red on the bench. She turned her head to Red and said, "I'd really like to share a meal with you."

"The snow has been falling outside. The ground is sufficiently wet," replied Red to Violet.

Violet put out her hand to Red and said, "Now follow me. I'm following the smell of honey." She started to smile. The man in red gave her his hand and they walked on down the hall.

They found a naked young boy in the garden out back carrying a tray of grape juice under the heavy clouds. They sat and drank together and suddenly there, within the view of a moonlit forest she opened wide her mouth and took him, rosy faced under the olive trees. "Better than terrifying shallowness in a railway station," she said while kissing his lips, "or a burning sermon referring to wasps, playing the bird, the black pope."

"We have all been, at some other time, the subject of eyes golden and otherwise emerald green," replied Red, removing Violet's robe, revealing her naked skin.




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