The Light Society

"Let anyone who chooses drive the chariot of light."




The group sat blissful in the main hall under the sun's naked pirouettes, watching the light reflect through stained glass briolettes.

Blue turned her head up at once noticing the entrance of a woman in white from the balcony above and said, "Whenever we meet in this particular dream, up on a balcony we see a woman in a white robe, before a wild landscape," she said.

The woman in white, descending the staircase, covered in vibrating jewels, said, "Do you remember when, tortoise shell dreaming upon the bosom of the evening we went, on foot, toward the Eskimo garden, hoping to see the northern man with the seal skin hat sucking upon the faucets of the Earth?"

"Who says things that mean more?" asked Orange.

"Where the skin meets the shore she stands, the cultivated and now blossoming on the balcony, the seaside sparrow," replied Black.

The woman in white said from above, "I fell asleep in the bathroom, on the mint tile, watching the light red walls, listening to you all. I was bathing under zebra muscle chestnut trees, rich and fertile, that moved to the wind outside my window. In my dream more and more I made love with the rainbow children devouring the fruit under the hypnotising scissors of the moon, enthralled upon the voluptuous cushion of the night."

Down below the man in black moved in shadows as wraiths might, in the moonlight, stripping the skin from a peach, his lips honey colored. "At least it was there stretching out in hot water your sweet message of limbs, skirting the lake," he said to White, walking across the room toward her.

"My black dream, where did you go to get your teeth?" asked White.

"A sperm whales mouth, skirting the lake, gorged upon the grass," replied Black, reaching out his hand to her.

"You give me all the pleasures that can flatter a reasonable mind." said White.

"Let's lie and wait, and watch the rolling of the wind," replied Black. "Let's go to the garden. I want you to watch Violet kiss the man in the red robe, deliver her nonsense as sharp as a beak."

"Let's open the windows beyond the trembling blue grey silk. Follow me across the field in the dark for a feast awaits," said White. "Gather and we'll listen to the royal orchestra and eat succulent fruit."

"Before the morning gloom we can appreciate the light in an orange peel bloom, before the long, steadily falling night, the spider tongued wizard, the eater of corpses," said the woman in blue moving toward the back of the room.

"To the voluptuous sky," said Black. "let's listen to that puma coated thrall, as she breaks the hollering of men and women on the sandy hillocks, where the light came to our threshold and greeted us warmly. White, if there you sing to us in the nude we will gladly take the ferry boat across the sound."

"Yes," said White and the two began to move to the garden.

"You are more beautiful than the trammeling sea, the loud blooming sun, the octopus pearls. With you, without looking anymore upon the sun, as often as I went into the dark, there lies a rabid white ghastly freedom," said Black.

"Such a secret I cannot hide," said White stepping outside. "Tongues flung by the handful. In my wake is the future," she said just before kissing him.

The five others came like a swarm between the isles of jewels and met the open gardens to burn in the sun' s giant serpents with flickering tongues, the sea beasts chained to the burning foam."

Violet and Red were in the tangles of love, deep throated upon the grass in the olive bower and as the group approached they began to laugh.

"Let us turn once more to feasting," said Yellow, exposing her beautiful sandals. "Lets try to forget the infernal serpents who declined the mother of mankind."

"Let's move toward the open sea," said Blue.

"Let's hasten this coming of the rapture," said Indigo.

All like children of the beaming sun, with eyes spear fishing, mixing wine and water, watched as the high horned deer was pulled from the fire by a bevy of winged children.

The group beat their teeth on the shore, swallowed the sweeping winds. Arrayed in their robes they sucked on the audacious blowing fine stream of flesh, the large bellied ornaments, and the stripped onion skins tasting something like the sun through the trees mantled with twisted gold. The seven trumpet tongued men and women kissed on the lips. A swirl of sand whipped up in the wind with the white seabirds above a warm river of rich white milk and then the milk woman asked all to slip out of their shoes and open their mouths as she dropped in currents, plums, meat and lizard brains. "When you dream and when you die, hearing the antler headed ghost whirling to the strained strings, try and remember the milk woman, the blue hued jingling siren feeding the troops of the dawn, the warrior queen half devoured by lightning."

"You came scattering shadows while I was a naked corpse asleep on a beach letting out a thin wisp of a cry, a terrific peel, mocking the brilliant sky," said Black drinking a glass of ice cold milk.

"Lets make light like loops of honey glazed with a maze of sea blue scales, nursing twin suns with forest green tongues, to hasten this coming of the floating ballrooms," said Orange.

"We shall out fly the millions of flaming swords," said White, "the blossoming jellyfish of fabric. It's my duty to arouse the sea. We have strong teeth to farewell sweep the laboring moon.

We have been lured into the dark by the smell of blood," said Yellow.

We shall shut its innumerable eyes," said Blue

"We shall murder the infernal serpent who declined the mother of mankind," said Black.



The Light Society



















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