The Light Society

"Let anyone who chooses drive the chariot of light."



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"I am only a citizen," said the man in green. "What you share seems the light of reason. If it is the swan's hoarse call I can not tell."

"It is a gift to the shade," said Black. "You've been dragged under the blood red chariot wheels. It becomes you to see the massive chariot alone on a wind swept shore. We must turn to face the rising sun. We must dive from the vaulting sky into the moiling wind."

"We cannot abandon the land of men and light of day," said Mr. Indigo. "I will with you travel through the rushing dark swift as an arrow piercing clouds."

"Marching the peasants to their death with wolf hair bristles and gilded clocks," said Ms. White smiling and drinking wine with her tongue and her lips and her teeth.

"Why do I feel the net of a snare?" asked Mr. Green.

"It is the soaring bliss to gather a necklace of human heads," said Mr. Black, "to shield them from the mid day sun."

"I've always been careful of superstition," said Ms. Blue.

"I feel the devastation of new knowledge," said Ms. Orange.

"To lie at your feet beyond the diving sea, unmarried and lustful, to obey your command, to watch where you play with your lights in the violet shadow, the ever opened wound, maddeningly too close to the absent potion that moves your mouth and infinitely more delicious, that is my greatest pleasure," said Mr. Black.

"We can never just consume flame, never be too closely interwound," said Ms. Violet.

"The soundless mouths are everywhere in chains," said Ms. White. "Where the watch makers cannot confess their sexual appetites, the most brilliant rich swirls, and beg their forgiveness, where the masses do not desire the infinity of vistas we'll bring the shimmering of arrows like flashing light in red satin and blond curls. We will eat the ripening grapefruits and drink from the giant white deluge. We are the crystal children, the family of light."

"What if the will is wrong?" asked Mr. Red.

"Then our labor will be a labor of glorious wretchedness," said Mr. Green.

"With sails adapted to the breezes of heaven, the silent ballet of pale lips will grab us by the ankles and open our eyes wide under the watery twilight," said Mr. Indigo.

"We will drowned the large body of dark decaying hedges, and there will be a child born from the eternity of death making." said Ms. Violet.

"We will put back our hand into the sand as fresh and strong as an octopus clawing the sleepless to death with mother nature's jewelry," said Ms. Orange.

"That is right Ms. Orange. It can never be treason to yield to reason." said Mr. Black. "What might have been outsiders, the work of hunters; instead, we will turn the grass, we who sought the shade with torches and flashing light. He who set fire to the stars can not match this gloom. It must be us who opens the hundred gated river in the center of the center."

"There is a red fiend consuming pie on the silken road, the shadowy fiend in the moon's cold glare with a great mirroring charm like snaking light," said Ms. White, setting down a dessert of sweet sea grapes. "There are seemingly robust underworlds of vastness opening like a wind torched glittering fan. We, with ceremonial dances near the public fountains, must preach the gospels of light."

"I've spread my hawks in the lusty dungeons," said Ms. Yellow, "in the raspberry rooms illuminated by burning light, under the soft sand, in the swoon of the curling trees, my eyes flowering in the moonlight. Down there, there is no stalking grape grayness, only crystals of black glass."

Ms. White smiling said, "You have not seen the bird hunter with his collection of flaming wings."

Mr. Black said, "It will fall like fate, the horribly beautiful inevitability. Warm glowing oil will echo from the mask of the white bears ageless flesh, the black demented giant."

"If it be the will of the majority then why not allow the stout pearl grey fantasia," said Ms. Violet.

"The light ships travel in size and have a love affair with the weather," replied Mr. Black. "They are the bits of diamonds in the water. The darkness was here before the foaming roaring raging sea of sound."

Ms. White moved behind Ms. Violet and pulled down her robe to expose her back and placed her fingers between the shoulder blades. She began to massage her back and listen to her precious groans. "On the other side of silence there is a trickle of ivory. Something like elephant hunting. There is a new real future within the very fact of frequency, a peculiar beauty of the open mouth."

Suddenly Mr. Black dropped his robe to the floor and in his nakedness began to sing and dance:

The genius for shaping clouds
In the gloom or in the glare
One shot of the harpoon,
Has quietly landed there
In the quivering tongue
The world is undone



















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